We often wonder if perfect toys exist; perhaps, if it includes an ideal balance between physical play, imagination, and education. Wooden toys might be best in this regard. Made of natural materials like wood, these sustainable toys are very healthy and safe. In addition, they encourage creative thinking and offer something for everyone. So, if you think about it, it really can be called a perfect toy!

An unembellished, beautiful wooden toy can even captivate children’s attention without overwhelming them, and spark their imaginations without pushing them into specific directions. Wooden toys are usually less complex in design and have fewer features than toys made from plastic; however, I love the open-endedness that wooden toys offer.

They tend to be the most popular because they’re so easy to maintain for children. As long as you keep them clean and well cared for, they’ll last forever. In fact, Montessori encourages youngsters to explore toys and playthings in their own ways; for babies and toddlers this could mean repeated mouthing, tossing, and rolling. Safety is one of the most important considerations when selecting playthings and wood is among the safest materials provided by nature for babies and children.

Why wooden toys are the best gifts.

1. Wooden toys are preferable for the environment because they're made from natural materials like wood, which are renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. They don't produce large amounts of waste during manufacturing, and their chippings can be turned into fuel or sawdust. Plastic waste doesn't biodegrade, and plastic toys tend to be less durable than wooden toys. However, if you lose a toy made from plastic, there isn't any easy way to recycle the plastic without sending the toy to a landfill.

2.   Another reason why they’re better than plastic ones is that wooden toys last longer and are easier to repair or update. Wooden toys go on to be enjoyed by generations of families. They have an inherent quality which makes them appealing to children. Their open-ended playability appeals to their innate curiosity.

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3. It’s a fact that babies put things in their mouths. However, as parents and caregivers, we want to know if our baby has been exposed to any harmful substances or bacteria. Wooden toys are made from natural materials so there aren't any worries about BPA or toxic substances lurking underneath their surfaces.

4. The very nature of wood opens up a world of sensual experiences. It can have a range of different scents and feels, and it makes a lot of different sounds when it’s knocked against other objects. It can be colored in various hues, or left in its natural state. And of course, it can get cut and shaped into any kind of form and size – the options are truly limitless!

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That being said, there really are wooden toys online that you can use to help support your child at every stage of their development from honing their fine and gross Motor Skills to teaching them Cause and Effect, Problem Solving, Social Interaction, and Language Development.

5. Wooden toys are easy to put together right away. They're also fun to play with because they don’t break easily. One very great thing about them is that they don’t need batteries - at all! Imagine gifting them battery-operated toys and they immediately want to play with them, but they need the right batteries to activate their new toy. Talk about the possible tantrums! However, with wooden toys, you can eliminate any kind of meltdown that might happen.

6. Toys should be fun to play with, beautiful to look at, and simple enough to put together yourself. Good toys are also durable, safe, and healthy—and wood is one material that meets those qualifications better than any other. Wood toys can be made from recycled materials, and they’re typically safer than toys made out of plastic or metal because they won’t splinter or shatter if dropped. They’ll also hold up much longer than toys made of cheap plastics, so your kids get to enjoy their toys for a lot longer than they would otherwise. Plus, wood toys are generally easier to clean up than toys made out of other materials.

You won't ever go wrong when buying toys for kids, no matter if they're celebrating a birthday, Christmas, having a baby or just treating a special loved one. Wooden toys look gorgeous, and they tick all the right boxes for health, safety, environmental friendliness, and encouraging children’s development. That is why we have a wide range of wooden toys online that are perfect for your babies!

We are always on the lookout for new, trendy, and amazing wooden toys for the young ones. Head down to our Brisbane or QLD store and browse through our collection from the famous eco-friendly brands, or shop online at https://www.knockonwoodtoys.com.au/

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