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Baby toys are perfect for babies ready to explore and those with growing inquisitive minds. Let your baby explore the ever changing world that they have come into by choosing the best quality baby toys that will give them the greatest advantage. Wooden Toys is our specialty and we have chosen a large selection of the best quality wooden baby and toddler toys with a variety of different products including clutching toys, wooden blocks, push & pull toys, wooden ride on's, walker wagons, rattles, grasping toys, baby gym, mobiles, wall paper, soft toys, sorting and stacking, activity toys, name train and puzzles. One of our favourites for newborn gifts is the wooden blocks. Wooden Blocks are great for finishing off a nursery and perfect for learning when the time is right. The I’m Toy Noah activity ark helps with learning to touch and feel different animal shapes and textures as well pushing and pulling which is why this is one of our all time favourites.

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    Astrup - Doll Care & Bathing Set 7pc
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $54.95
    The Astrup Doll Care & Bathing Set is a great for pretend…
  1. Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet
    The Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet is an amazing screen-free…
  2. Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Drum
    Have you got the magic touch? Ages: 6 Months+ 
  3. Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Guitar
    Toddlers can enjoy the sounds and colours of the wooden Magic Touch…
  4. Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Piano
    Create beautiful melodies!  Ages: 12 Months+ 
  5. Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Xylophone
    Create beautiful melodies! Ages: 12 Months+ 
  6. Baby Einstein - Sticky Spinner Activity Toy
    Perfect of entertainment on the go! BPA Free! Ages: 3 Months+
  7. Baghera - Racing Car Silver
    The Baghera Racing Car Silver is a fantastic push along toy that will…
  8. BELEDUC - Hand Puppet - Chicken
    This Chicken puppet is a fun and lovable open-ended toy. Beleduc…
  9. BELEDUC - Hand Puppet - Rabbit
    Snuggle and play with this cute Rabbit puppet, whether it's reading…
  10. BELEDUC - Knob Puzzle - Wild Animal - Mum & Baby
    This cute Knob Puzzle Wild Animal Mum & Baby is fantastic for…
  11. BELEDUC - Knob Puzzle - Wild Animal Hide & Seek Shapes
    The Knob Puzzle Wild Animal Hide & Seek Shape is fantastic for…
  12. BELEDUC - Knob Puzzle - Wild Animal Train
    The Knob Puzzle Wild Animal Train is fantastic for little ones just…
  13. BELEDUC - Sorting Set - Environments
    Match the images and animals to learn and improve young cognitive…
  14. BELEDUC - Sorting Set - Our Home
    Match the images and household objects to learn and improve young…
  15. BELEDUC - Sorting Set - Seasons
    Match the images and seasonal objects to learn and improve young…
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    BigJigs Toys - Wooden Stacking Triangles
    Special Price $60.75 Regular Price $69.95
    The Bigjigs Wooden Stacking Triangle is a great open-ended toy and…
    • NEW
    Bonikka - Alicia Trio Doll (21065)
    Alicia Trio is a soft doll from Bonikka that infants & children…
  16. Bonikka - Amelia Linen Doll With Brown Hair (51653)
    Amelia is a soft, huggable friend for children of all…
  17. Bonikka - Baby Doll Kye
    Kye is a weighted soft 43cm doll with a removable outfit, made from…
  18. Bonikka - Blonde Lucy with Bracelet (7505)
    This cuddly doll comes with a friendship bracelet so children can…
  19. Bonikka - Blue Cherub Baby Doll (62022)
    This soft doll is perfect for comforting hugs! Measures: 32cm Age:…
  20. Bonikka - Brook Cotton Doll (65023)
    Brook is a soft cotton doll perfect for cuddles & comfort! Age:…
  21. Bonikka - Brunette Mandy with Bracelet (7506)
    Mandy is a cuddly doll with a friendship bracelet for your little…
  22. Bonikka - Cecilia Linen Doll with Brown Hair (51652)
    Cecilia is a soft & sweet companion for babies & children…
  23. Bonikka - Fran Dames Doll with Light Brown Hair - Swingtag
    Fran will quickly become best friends with your little one! Age: 0+…
  24. Bonikka - Honey Cotton Doll (65022)
    Honey is a fun & cuddly doll friend that brings comfort &…
  25. Bonikka - Katy Dames Doll with Brown Hair - Swingtag
    This soft doll will become a lifelong friend! Age: 0+ months
  26. Bonikka - Libby Lu Doll with Brown Hair (66003)
    Libby Lu has long hair for children to play with and is perfect for…
  27. Bonikka - Lilac Flower Kid Doll with Black Hair (62041)
    Cuddle & play with the lovely Lilac Flower Kid Doll! Age: 0+…
  28. Bonikka - Madison Doll with Black Hair (21000)
    This soft & cuddly doll will bring comfort & joy as your…
  29. Bonikka - Mini Dolls
    As low as $29.95
    Choose from the sweet 8 designs of these mini dolls as a comforting…
  30. Bonikka - Neva Cotton Doll (65021)
    Neva is a a cuddly soft doll that children will adore! Age: 0+ months
  31. Bonikka - Organic Angelina Fairy Doll (21050)
    The Organic Angelina Fairy Doll is a lovely & magical friend for…
    • NEW
    Bonikka - Organic Aurora Fairy Doll (21055)
    Aurora Fairy Doll is a soft doll that is perfect for cuddles and…
  32. Bonikka - Organic Lily Doll - Swingtag
    Lily is an organic soft doll that is perfect for cuddles and…
  33. Bonikka - Organic Rose Doll- Swingtag
    This organic cotton doll will bring comfort and joy to your child…
  34. Bonikka - Pari Butterfly Doll with Brown Hair (60062)
    Pari is a wonderful comforting companion for children as they…
  35. Bonikka - Pia Butterfly Doll with Light Brown Hair (60061)
    Pia Butterfly Doll is a comforting and super soft doll! Age: 0+…
  36. Bonikka - Priscy Linen Doll with Blonde Hair (51651)
    This lovely soft doll is a wonderful comfort toy with a vintage…
  37. Bonikka - Ria Butterfly Doll with Blonde Hair (60063)
    Ria is a comforting soft doll for children! Age: 0+ months
  38. Bonikka - Riley The Christmas Doll (21045)
    This sweet doll comes in a seasonal dress that can be removed for…
  39. Bonikka - Scarlet Flower Kid Doll with Beige Hair (62042)
    This cuddly Flower Kid Doll is the perfect cuddle companion for…
    • NEW
    Bonikka - Selena Trio Doll (21060)
    Selena Trio is a soft doll from Bonikka that infants & children…
  40. Bonikka - Sofia Jointed Doll with Brown Hair (21022)
    Sofia has movable arms & legs, and removable clothes for outfit…
  41. Bonikka - Summer Flower Kid Doll with Brunette Hair- Swingtag
    Summer is a wonderfully soft and cuddly friend for kids, full of…
  42. Bonikka - Tammy Lu Doll with Black Hair (66001)
    This soft & cuddly doll has hair that can be played with & a…
    • NEW
    Bonikka - Taylar Trio Doll (21070)
    Taylar Trio is a soft doll from Bonikka that infants & children…
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