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  • Trains

    All aboard! Once you have your wooden train tracks set up, the trains are ready to bring passengers and other cargo around the tracks to their destinations. Knock On Wood Toys stocks a huge range of wooden...

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  • Art & Craft

    Children love to express themselves through art and craft. It builds self-esteem, creativity, sparks imagination, creates memories and is lots of fun. The wooden art and craft products we have chosen are f...

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  • Accessories


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    Baby toys are perfect for babies ready to explore and those with growing inquisitive minds. Let your baby explore the ever changing world that they have come into by choosing the best quality baby toys tha...

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  • Music Toys

    Kids Music Toys & Wooden Instruments

    Music is a universal language enjoyed around the world. Wooden music toys are a perfect introduction to m...

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  • Train Tracks

    Create the train track of your kids' dream with our speciality train track pieces. Travel over a suspended bridge, speed through a tunnel or switch to a new track. We have all the options you could wish fo...

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  • Train Sets & Accessories

    Create the ultimate train tracks with our range of wooden train sets destined to keep both adults and kids entertained for hours. Create a figure 8 train set, or a wooden train set with hills, bridges, tra...

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  • Construction Toys

    A child's enthusiasm to construct is wonderful to watch. Children can draw their construction inspiration from many different sources, TV shows such as Bob ...

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  • Dolls & Dolls Houses

    A wooden dolls house can bring a child's imagination to life. Remember spending hours of your childhood playing with your dolls house, dressing up your dolls and arranging furniture? These beautifully made...

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  • Games

    Wooden Games for Toddlers and Kids

    Who doesn't like playing games, but what age do you start? We have carefully selected a range of wooden games f...

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  • Helmets, Bells and Gloves

    There are so many fun and interesting helmets and accessories to choose from and wear on your View >>

  • Water Play

    Children are introduced to water from a very young age through bath time and grow to love playing in water. Bath toys add a different dimension to making bath time more enjoyable for your children. O...

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  • Furniture & Decor

    A handpicked selection of quality wooden furniture and decor to suit both boy and girl bedrooms and play areas. Some brands include: Goldfish Gi...

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  • Puzzles

    Wooden puzzles of all sizes, shapes and sounds are available here at Knock on Wood Toys. Wooden puzzles last, and we know because our children now play with many of the wooden puzzles we had when we ...

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  • Retro & Traditional Toys

    We aim to stock both modern and traditional toys--who can walk past a timber finished rocking horse or pull along dashchund? So if you're after retro-look, classical items this is the perfect one stop shop...

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  • Christmas

    Santa Clause is coming to town! Toys are arriving non-stop here with Santa's little helpers creating a lovely selection of quality, Christmas themed toys including Nativity Scenes and the number one favour...

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  • Educational Toys

    Educational wooden toys have many benefits including developing literacy, numeracy, spacial awareness, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, colour recognition ...

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  • Shop Products

    We started Knock on Wood Toys out of a love for quality wooden toys. As parents of two toddlers it has been amazing to see the different wooden toys or pieces of furniture our...

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  • Sale Items

    Whether you've had your eye on something for a while, or just browsing for ideas, our Sale Items are worth a look. You never know what you'll find in this category, so have a lo...

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  • Gift Vouchers


    Do you ever sit back, listen and watch your children role-play? We do and it’s hilarious and interesting to watch. As parents we often share a quiet smile with each other so as to not interrupt their...

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  • Wooden Railway

    All aboard! Have you taken your children on a train ride? Railway museums, train rides, chuggington and thomas the tank engine are often inspiration for young train enthusiasts. The Big Jigs mountain railw...

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  • Toy Vehicles

    There are a lot of things a child can learn from playing with toy vehicles. They'll learn how to compete fairly with other children. Moving a toy vehicle will start them down the long road toward one...

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    Eco-friendly toys are a key priority for many parents who are looking for safe toys that are gentle on the planet.  We have a comprehensive range of wooden toys that teach our children that ther...

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  • Travel Toys

    Not sure how to keep the kids entertained while travelling? We have the answer! Find here plenty of on-the-go toys that aren't easily lost and have a self-storage capability. Some of these items include: m...

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  • Toy Themes

  • Birthday Party Supplies

    Birthday supplies abound at Knock On Wood Toys! Are you in need of gift bag goodies or pass the parcel surprises? You've come to the right place. Explore the many unique and quality items we stock, some of...

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  • Pocket Money Toys / Items

    Is your little one ready to make their own purchase? We have put together a selection of wondeful toys all within a their budget! Pocket money can puchase many entertaining and quality toys that will enter...

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  • Ride On Toys

    Whether it’s rocking or riding we have a beautiful selection of micro scooters, wooden balance bikes, billy karts, ride-on’s and rockers to help get you children active and using there energy b...

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  • Outside Play

    The benefits of outside play are many which is why children should be naturally encouraged to spend more time outdoors experiencing different sceneries through activites and the nature tha...

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  • Instore Demo's

    Visit our Knock on Wood Toys Brisbane store to test out some of our favourite products. We opened our retail store in 2015 due to customer feedback that you wanted the ability to have a closer look a...

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  • Artiwood

  • ReCycleMe

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  • Puppets

    Puppets are an amazing toy for open-ended and imaginative play. A classic and simple toy, animal puppets open the door to a world of childhood imagination and wonder. Whether yo...

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  • Clocks! Watches! Alarm Clocks!

  • Magnetic Play Set

  • Easter Gift Ideas

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