Moving from gross to fine muscular coordination requires practice. It's important for children to start developing these coordinated activities early so they're ready when they begin playing games later.

How do motor skills help with your growing child?

To give an idea about the types of motor skills, let’s start with the fine motor skills. This refers to the ability to manipulate objects precisely through fine muscle movements.

For example, holding an object requires careful control of the muscles involved in gripping, lifting, turning, and moving it. Precise manipulation of objects is particularly useful for growing kids to help them perform activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting, playing, writing, and so forth.

On the other hand, opportunities for young kids to play outside and exercise by running through grassy fields, jumping up and down on small hills, climbing trees, playing hopscotch, etc., are important developmental experiences that help them learn to use their bodies in everyday activities. This is what you call gross motor skills and is essential for your kids to help them with their movement.

Take note – it’s always good to give kids opportunities to develop their fine ­ motor skills — especially when they’re just starting out! We know that parents often want to help their kids complete tasks quickly by getting involved. Before jumping in and helping, wait until your child has had some time to work independently.

Develop your child’s motor skills with Connetix Tiles.

We highly recommend Connetix Tiles to help develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

Here’s a list of the their magnetic tile box sets that you can get for your child:

CONNETIX - Magnetic Tiles 2 Piece Base Plate Pack

The large tiles are durable and contain the powerful magnets that Connextix is famous for, making them perfect for creating and building even more amazing creations. They're designed to be strong and long lasting, so that as their creativity grows, they can continue to play and learn together.

Connetix - Magnetic Tiles - 34 Pc Clear Pack

Whether constructing ice palaces or designing other cool designs, the 35pc Clear Starter Set from Connectix is a thrilling and open-ended set. Expand your family's magnetic floor play with this set of beveled tiles. The variety of colors allows for limitless creativity.

CONNETIX - 100 Piece Magnetic Building Tile Box Set

With these building blocks, children can learn all kinds of things about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They’ll be inspired to start creating and designing their own projects from scratch. And they'll be able to take pride in their accomplishments because they built something themselves.

Connetix - Magnetic Tiles - 66 Pc Ball Run Expansion Pack

Create even more exciting layouts with the 66pc Ball Runner Expansion Pack. It includes new spiral bowlers, x tube balls, and double-bowl sets to add excitement to any game. Use the included X tubes to redirect the wooden balls, then combine these exciting sets with your Connetix rainbow ball runner set, using colorful magnetic tile shapes to create unique structures.

CONNETIX - 202pc Pastel Mega Pack AU

The 202 pc Pastel mega pack includes an ample variety of activities to engage every age group! Construct homes and vehicles for fun and adventure! Connectix tiles are designed to be strong enough for little hands to continue playing and learning'.

CONNETIX - 40 Piece Pastel Square Pack

This package contains eight large pastels, each measuring 2" x 3". They're great for creating intricate designs or just playing around with color combinations. Use them individually or combine two or three together to build creative projects.

Get your kids some fun activities with Connectix magnetic tiles. You can ensure that you can help your children develop the skills they need for their future.

In wrapping up, Conetix magnetic tiles stand out as an exceptional blend of entertainment and educational value for children. These tiles aren’t just another plaything; they lay the foundation for spatial awareness, creativity, and cognitive development. Their magnetic feature allows kids to seamlessly piece together their imaginations, fostering a hands-on learning experience that is unparalleled. Moreover, their durable design and safety measures make them a favorite among parents, ensuring that children can explore and build without any hindrances. When kids want a bit older they can pivot into Gel Blasters or anything that takes their fancy. Whether you’re seeking a toy that can keep your child engaged or a tool that aids in their developmental journey, Conetix magnetic tiles prove to be a worthy addition to any playroom or classroom.

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