Many toy companies don't consider how quickly children will grow out their products.

The great thing about Connetix magnetic tiles is that they are created to be flexible enough for children to use from 3 years of age onwards. They can even become more complex as your child gets older. In a sense, the tiles themselves get more sophisticated as your child matures and they use them in different ways.

Connetix comes in different shapes and sizes; they allow for both 2D and 3D builds. Once children have mastered the basic skills, they can go on to more advanced levels where they learn new concepts, like the ability to move objects into place within a space, and designing projects using the tiles.

Let’s explore the different phases of your child’s cognitive and motor skills and how it progresses with Connetix magnetic tiles.

Phase 1 - Discovery

A typical kid who likes building things with blocks at an early age would enjoy playing with Connetix Magnetic Tiles since they allow kids to use many senses. As soon as they touch the tile, they start exploring its shape, colour, and texture. Once they get used to touching the tile, they keep playing with it, hearing the click as the magnets connect on the correct side, until they're done exploring all aspects of it.

Phase 2 - Recognition

Now your kid will start to learn that different shapes and colours of blocks can be put together to create a bigger structure. He/she might not recognize these structures right away but eventually he/she will begin putting parts of the puzzle together into something recognizably meaningful.

As toddlers, they may be fascinated by symmetry. But at this age, they don't understand why they need to replicate symmetrical objects. Just watch them play and you might notice they begin to exhibit a preference for simple symmetrical patterns as they approach the next stage.

Phase 3 - Interaction

It is during this phase that your child’ s cognitive abilities and motor skills are becoming increasingly advanced. They’re now building more complex shapes out of the tiles. Instead of simply using a single tile, they’re starting to use multiple ones for larger projects.

Phase 4 - Creation

At this point, children begin to develop their own ideas and become interested in creating things that might help them in solving real-life problems. For instance, maybe they want to be able to show off some engineering skills by building a toy castle using the Connetix Tiles.

Phase 5 - Experimentation

It is in this final phase that your child has reached an important milestone where he or she now feels comfortable trying out some extremely advanced builds.

For example, mazes are a lot of kids' favourites, and Connetix are the perfect tools for them to create large and complex mazes. They're likely familiar with paper maze designs and seeing the same thing come to life in 3D is quite exciting!

By playing Connectix Tiles, your child can learn to think creatively and develop his/her problem solving ability. As your child becomes more and more imaginative, he/she will be able to create even greater things than before.

Why Connetix Magnetic Tiles?

Whether it is the colours, the shapes, or their ability to construct anything using Connetix tiles, kids of all ages can have fun and benefit from building with them.

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