As technology evolves rapidly, so must our society’s ability to keep up. To achieve success, we must not only teach children but also help them become passionate explorers who value diversity and growth.

One of the best ways to learn something is through STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Maths). Here, we look at STEAM wholistically rather than looking at each subject individually.

What is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) teaching and why is it important? And how can Connetix Tiles support STEAM education?

With STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) programs, students develop a variety of soft skill sets including collaboration, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, communication, decision making, leadership, organisation, planning, prioritising, time management, teamwork, and understanding others' perspectives.

STEAM enhances your children’s metacognition abilities.

Because STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) projects are inherently interdisciplinary, they allow students to look at them from multiple angles. Such an outlook helps them understand issues from different points of view, evaluate potential consequences and options, and collaborate much better.

It improves your child’s communication skills.

When teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) concepts, students develop a wide variety of soft skill sets through the use of the projects they create. For example, a robot kit teaches them collaboration, adaptability, while the project itself involves a lot of creative thinking, planning, and solving problems.

How Connetix supports STEAM Learning

  • Creatively using Connetix tiles allows kids to design their own creations. These designs are useful when planning for the next generation of STEAM projects.
  • Connetix allows kids to create things they've never seen before, which helps them develop their imagination. They're also exposed to different topics, including magnetism, gravity, shape, and so forth.
  • Connetix is a great toy for discovering the idea of magnetic force, and it is also a good place to understand the concept of opposing magnets attracting each other.
  • Connetix sets include 2 dimensional (2D) objects like squares, triangles, rectangles, or hexagons. These 2D objects are often called "building blocks''. By building larger 2D objects, children learn the basic geometry and ways they interact with one another. They also learn how to create designs using these building blocks.
  • Connetix tiles offer a lot of different games for kids that teach them to count, such as by looking at how many tiles can fit in a tower before it collapses, how many squares it takes to build a cube, or how many dots there are in a pattern.
  • It promotes an easy way for kids to learn about patterning and symmetries by making their own patterns and mandalas using the Connetix tile sets.
  • Connetix is a great tool for exploring colour and it’s a fantastic tool for teaching people about light, translucence through creating beautiful, coloured reflections, and refraction.
  • Children can learn about the forces acting on objects - such as gravity and friction - and can explore the effects of those forces on building systems. Learning about the characteristics of materials used in construction helps students understand how things work and why they do certain things.
  • Kids can connect together through Connetix tiles and is an excellent way to foster collaboration and team spirit.

When children play with Connetix Tiles, they learn how to solve problems, and develop their thinking skills and creativity. They can work out ways to get the best results from their solutions to problems.

Finding endless fun and learning possibilities with Connetix.

When children dream up something for themselves, even if their idea doesn't come true right away, they learn valuable lessons through the process of playing while learning. They also gain important STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) knowledge and experience.

This is why we encourage parents to support STEAM learning through Connetix Tiles. They are available in our physical store in Darra, Brisbane and online at

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