Why wooden toys are better than plastic toys

When it comes time to buying a child a gift, the best option possible is always wanted. While children’s playthings can be relatively cheap these days, they can sometimes lack sentimental value and can tend to break more easily. For this reason, many people opt for buying good quality toys rather than plastic variations. Here at Knock on Wood Toys, we understand that durability is important because wooden toys are commonly passed down as family heirlooms (this is especially the case for our top-of-the-range Kinderfeet options). Because of this, wooden choices can make a fantastic gift for a child that will not only induce sentimental value but will provide hours of play time. When most people think of their childhoods, they may remember having a small horse or toy soldier made from wood. What some don’t know is that almost anything can be made from wood these days which gives plenty of options for those who are looking for a unique gift. Furthermore, great options can be chosen for girls and boys and even for those who like to remain gender neutral. As there are so many benefits to purchasing wood variations, this article will further explore why wooden toys are better than plastic toys.

Plastic variations can contain chemicals

While plastic variations can be quite cost-effective, this is usually because they are imported in bulk from China or other countries. These imported items can often contain chemicals such as lead, polyvinyl chloride, and bisphenol A. Some research has shown that such chemicals can be harmful which isn’t ideal, especially because young ones tend to put everything in their mouths. A great way to avoid any unnecessary chemicals is by choosing wooden toys instead of plastic ones.

Wooden toys last longer and look better

Instead of purchasing plastic items that can look cheap and nasty, magnificent wooden toys can be purchased that are sure to impress children and parents alike. Many families are extremely impressed with our Kinderfeet range which includes a variety of bamboo bikes, crates, and Kinderboards. The minimal design of our Kinderfeet range is a world away from the bright pinks and greens that are often featured on plastic playthings. Furthermore, the wood is ethically sourced and is heavier and denser than usual wood. This means that more play time will be had with the Kinderfeet range and these sleek play items can easily be passed down to the next generation.

They can increase a child’s awareness and skills

Another great reason why wooden toys are better than plastic is because they can help increase a child’s awareness and skills. As wooden items are heavier, the child has to use their bodies to move it from place to place. They will have to exert effort to push the plaything which they likely wouldn’t do when using plastic. Furthermore, using a Kinderboard from our Kinderfeet range can be a great way to induce imagination, to help with balance and to improve sensory development.

At the end of the day, it is likely that a child will play with almost anything. But for those who are looking to get better value for their money, to invest in a family heirloom or want to find options that can help with their child’s development, wooden toys are absolutely the better choice. Furthermore, they are eco-friendlier and can be a healthier alternative for children. Head to our website today to view our full range of wooden toys for your child.