There are currently 7.96 billion people inhabiting our green and blue planet. These people come from different backgrounds - race, gender, age, personality traits, and physical features. With that in mind, we must make it our social and parental responsibility to educate our children on how to set aside judgement and be open and accepting to others who look and act differently than us.

A child’s first education is relevant when it comes to diversity and inclusivity topics. This is because kids have the tendency to form their judgement early on by watching how a person looks and acts.

Therefore, teaching children about diversity helps them grow to be tolerant and to be socially aware. We need to expose them to dismiss categorisation and shape a better mindset for them to become more open and accepting to the people and the world around them.

But how exactly can we steer them into the right path in learning about family and diversity? The answer is quite simple - DOLL PLAY. And where to get the perfect dolls? Miniland, of course.

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Before we proceed, let us first get to know Miniland Dolls.

Who made them and what are they for?

Miniland Dolls are creations under Miniland Educational of the huge Miniland Group. Miniland Educational offers educational toys that uncovers a world of experiences in learning and play in future generations that innately encourages all their potential.

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What is Miniland’s vision?

Miniland’s mission is to contribute to a world that is more open, inclusive and tolerant towards diversity. It helps the children understand interdependence regardless of race, condition, and gender. These dolls can guide us adults in talking with our children and get them to think about not taking things at face value. They can help us teach our children to value and appreciate diversity in everyday experiences with the imaginative play that Miniland dolls bring.

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How are Miniland Dolls made? Are they good for my kids?

Every Miniland doll is carefully crafted handmade in Europe. Each doll is 21 or 38cm and made of soft, non-toxic Phytalates-free vinyl, which gives a soft and flexible effect when your kids touch and cuddle them. They smell really good too! The vanilla aroma stimulates the olfactory part of the brain which regulates your child's mood, so the smell is beneficial to them.

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To conclude, Miniland dolls have carved a unique niche in the world of children's toys, emphasizing diversity, inclusivity, and realism. Their meticulously crafted design not only offers kids a toy that mirrors the real world but also fosters a sense of empathy and understanding from a young age. These dolls are more than just playthings; they are tools for education, teaching kids about different cultures, physical attributes, and even about emotional intelligence. For parents and educators looking to enrich their child's playtime with purposeful and meaningful experiences, Miniland dolls stand out as a delightful and important addition. Their value goes beyond entertainment, serving as a bridge to conversations about acceptance, appreciation, and the beauty of our global tapestry.


Where can I buy Miniland Dolls online, particularly in Australia?

We currently have them in stock. You can visit our website - Knock On Wood Toys - and order your Miniland dolls from there.

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Introducing Miniland toys to your child helps bridge the gap between who they are and the rest of the world while enhancing their imagination and learning at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Visit our shop and get the perfect and brilliantly crafted Miniland Doll for your young ones!

*Images from the official Miniland Dolls site and Knock On Wood Toys AU.

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