There’s something satisfying about things crafted from wood, even babies and toddlers are drawn to the texture! Wooden toys have made a big come back in recent years, as more and more people move away from breakable plastic toys. So let’s dive into one of the best wooden toy brands, with durable and quality pieces made from sustainable resources, designed to last and bring joy!

We love Plan Toys here at Knock On Wood Toys! This brand creates beautiful wooden toys, with a huge variety of products that cover many age ranges. There’s so many awesome things to choose from, but they won’t all fit in one blog, so we’ll look at just a few! Their nursery toys offer plenty of stimulating and engaging things for babies & toddlers, with rattles, push & pull toys, and plenty of sensory toys.


4+ months:

The rattles are the perfect gift for a new baby! The Beads Rattle and Key Rattles offer something light-weight and smooth for young babies to grasp and move. The Key Rattles come in original rainbow, pastel, and natural, so no matter what you colour palette you're after, it fits right in!


6+ months:

There are so many great interactive toys for little ones as they reach 6 months old! The Square & Triangle Clutching Toys are fantastic rattles to encourage grip. The Sensory Tumbling is a sweet set of 3, engaging senses with visual, auditory, and touch being stimulated to support development.

Little ones absolutely love the Rollers and Baby cars (they even bring a smile to the adults as well)! Kids love clicking and moving the Baby Cars, pushing them along and squishing it to hear a fun clacking sound, whether they have the rainbow, pastel, or natural! The Rollers make noise as they move, and you can choose between rainbow and pastel with these delightful toys.


12+ months:

If you're after a first birthday gift, or or looking to add something new to your little ones' amazing wooden collection, Plan Toys has heaps of great toys for this age range! 

The popular Pull-Along Snail wiggles as it moves! It comes in natural & coloured, and never gets boring. Or if you're after a fun animal pull-along that makes sound as it moves, the Dancing Alligator is a great choice (there is also a natural & coloured options for this cutie too!), clacking as it's pulled.

There are other pull and push toys, as well as walkers, stacking toys, and more interactive toys! The Sailing Boats are designed for water play, with a special coating to keep it safe in the bath! The Penguin, Polar Bear, and Seal Boats are co cute. 

The wide range of wooden animals are made from wooden shavings that are turned into into solid play pieces. They are sweet, durable creatures that will inspire imaginations, whether you're after a stegosaurus, shark, giraffe, or sheep, theres different animal ranges to collect!


I could go on and on, because there are many more products for little ones, and this is definitely one of my favourite brands that we stock. Plan toys have rubber wood plantations that are sustainably managed, and they ensure nothing goes to waste - such as using wood shavings to create moulded animal figurines! The packaging is plastic-free, making it easy to get your new toys out, and disposing of the packaging is as easy as putting it in your recycling bin. These high-quality toys are a joy for children & adults alike, with plenty of range & variety to choose from. Check out the photos below, or explore our range in store or online!


Amie  |  Knock On Wood Toys Team