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Wooden Puzzles & Construction Kits

Wooden puzzles of all sizes, shapes and sounds are available at Knock on Wood Toys. Wooden puzzles last, and we know because our children now play with many of the wooden puzzles we had when we were kids. Melissa and Doug are puzzle experts and make a wonderful range of colourful and challenging puzzles for a variety of ages. We have also expanded our puzzle range to include Guidecraft puzzles, which have pieces which are easy for toddlers and preschoolers to grasp. There is something very satisfying about finishing a puzzle whether it is the 1st or 10th time. Children through completing puzzles will develop logical problem solving, perseverance, patience, pattern recognition and concentration skills. The key is to keep challenging your child to stretch themselves a little bit more each time with a variety of puzzle options. Our puzzle range also includes 3 dimensional puzzles to suit ages 6+ from HABA, Professor Puzzle and Robotime. Robotime Puzzles are robotic and come to life with noise and movement for ages 6+. Our range of beautiful wooden puzzles come from a range of brands including Andzee, Hape, Melissa and Doug, Guidecraft and EverEarth