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Designed in the United Kingdom with a strong British look and feel Le Toy Van produce a high quality range of wooden toys that appeal to both mums, dads and children alike. They are continually designing and manufacturing gorgeous toys that will develop and educate children. Our favourites include the Honeybake and Daisylane series, Garages and play sets. They use bright non toxic paints during the manufacturing process of their range of beautiful wooden toys.

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  1. Le Toy Van - Alex's Work Bench
    Wooden work bench with tools! Age: 3 Years +
  2. Le Toy Van - Bertie's Tractor
    Help out on the farm! Ages: 3 Years+  Does not come with any…
  3. Le Toy Van - Blue Bird Cottage
    Welcome to Blue Bird Cottage! Age: 3 Years +
  4. Le Toy Van - Daisylane Nursery Set & Baby
    Welcome a baby into your dolls house! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: -…
  5. Le Toy Van - Daisylane Sky Doll House
    This wonderful wooden doll house has 2 floors & an attic under…
  6. Le Toy Van - Doctor's Set
    Doctor! Doctor! Come quick Teddy and Dolly are sick! Age: 3 Years +…
  7. Le Toy Van - Doll High Chair
    Passionate about play! Ages: 3 Years+ 
  8. Le Toy Van - Doll House Daisylane Drawing Room
    A gorgeous love heart themed wooden furniture set. Age: 3 Years…
  9. Le Toy Van - Doll House Daisylane Laundry Room Set
    Let's get the washing and ironing done and the house sparkling. Age:…
  10. Le Toy Van - Doll House Daisylane Master Bedroom
    Welcome to your new master bedroom! Make your self at home! Age: 3…
  11. Le Toy Van - Doll House Mayberry Manor
    Come in and take a look around Mayberry Manor! Age: 3 Years +…
  12. Le Toy Van - Doll House Starter Furniture Set
    SKU:506002341040 3
    Start furnishing your new Le Toy Van Doll House with this beautiful…
  13. Le Toy Van - Doll House Sugar Plum Kitchen
    A gorgeous dolls house wooden kitchen! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: -…
  14. Le Toy Van - Doll House Sweetheart Cottage with Furniture
    Welcome to my sweet heart cottage. Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: - W 44…
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    Le Toy Van - Dolly Ice Cream Van
    Special Price $49.45 Regular Price $61.80
    It's time for a cold treat!  Ages: 3 years+ 
  15. Le Toy Van - Groceries Set & Scanner
    Let's do the shopping! Ages: 2 Years +
    • SALE
    Le Toy Van - Hollywood Film Camera
    Special Price $31.45 Regular Price $34.95
    Have endless imaginative fun and create your own stories with the…
  16. Le Toy Van - Honeybake - Wooden Toy Box
    This Wooden Toy Box will look wonderful in any room, keeping toys…
  17. Le Toy Van - Honeybake Cheese & Dairy Crate
    This set of wooden play food is a great addition to the home market…
  18. Le Toy Van - Honeybake Fruits Five-A-Day
    Wooden Fruits and Crate! Age guide: 3 - 8 Years + Dimensions: Crate D…
  19. Le Toy Van - Honeybake Market Meat Crate
    Wooden Painted Meat in Crate! Age guide: 3 - 8 Years + Dimensions:…
  20. Le Toy Van - Honeybake Shop and Cafe
    Let's go Shopping at the New Honeybake Shop & Cafe! Age: 3 Years…
  21. Le Toy Van - Le Grand Garage
    Vroom, Vroom!! Fill it up! Full service Please! This 3 storey…
  22. Le Toy Van - Lion Heart Castle
    Re-create medievel times with this large castle with draw…
  23. Le Toy Van - Little London Vehicle Set
    The Little London Vehicle Set has 2 cars and an iconic red double…
  24. Le Toy Van - My Family Dolls
    Say hello to your dolly family! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: - Dolls…
  25. Le Toy Van - Noah's Great Ark
    The Le Toy Van Noah's Great Ark comes with 20 animals! Age: 3+ years
  26. Le Toy Van - Petilou - Africa Stacker & Bag
    Stack and play with the Africa Stacker & Bag set.  Age -…
  27. Le Toy Van - Petilou - Andes Stacker Tower and Bag
    Discover all the amimals from the Andes! Ages: 18 Months+ 
  28. Le Toy Van - Petilou Forest Stacker Tower
    Are you brave enough to stack these Forest animals? Age: 1 - 2 Years…
  29. Le Toy Van - Petilou Ride On Deer
    Ride On Deer - For indoor use only Age: 1 - 2 Years
  30. Le Toy Van - Popcorn Machine
    Wooden Popcorn Machine! Age: 3 Years+
  31. Le Toy Van - Rainbow Cloud Walker
    Baby Walker / Block Cart! Age: 1 - 2 years+
  32. Le Toy Van - Royal Express - 180 pc Wooden Train Set
    Create your own city with trains and boats, and much more with the…
  33. Le Toy Van - Showtime Puppet Theatre
    The stunning Showtime Puppet Theatre from Le Toy Van has a stage,…
  34. Le Toy Van - Sophies Car
    Come for a drive in Sophies Car! Age: 3+ years
  35. Le Toy Van - Star Beauty Set
    This wooden play set has great pieces for imaginative play. Age: 3+…
  36. Le Toy Van - Sunny Farm Animals
    Take care of all your animals! Ages: 3 Years+ 
  37. Le Toy Van - Tea & Treats Trolley
    It's Tea Time! Ages: 3 Years+ 
  38. Le Toy Van - Tool Box
    Includes: a fabric bag, a saw, pilers, a screw driver, a hammer, a…
  39. Le Toy Van - Vehicle Construction Set
    SKU:506002341442 5
    Yellow five piece construction vehicle set with 2 traffic cones and…
  40. Le Toy Van - Wooden Doll House Cherry Tree Hall
    Welcome to Cherry Tree Hall! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: -  H…
  41. Le Toy Van Honeybake Mixer Set
    This amazing wooden Honeybake Mixer Set comes with multiple…
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    Le Toy Van Honeybake Toaster Set
    Special Price $39.94 Regular Price $53.25
    Yum! Toast in the morning with butter and strawberry jam. This set…
  42. Le Toy Van Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake
    This beautifully painted wooden birthday cake is able to be cut into…
  43. Le Toy Van My First Tool Bench
    Kids can become little helpers with the Le Toy Van My First Tool…
  44. Le Toy Van - Activity Walker
    Colourful Wooden Activity Walker! Age: 12 Months+
  45. Le Toy Van - Barbarossa Pirate Ship
    The Barbarossa Pirate Ship has lots of cool interactive parts, and…
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