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Fun Factory produces a quality range of wooden toys that are both affordable and educational.Their extensive range of wooden toys are produced with certified materials, non toxic paints and undergo rigorous testing. Fun Factory's diverse range of wood toys includes puzzles, creative play toys, role play toys, music toys and learning toys.

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  1. Fun Factory - 6 Wooden Eggs
    Half a Dozen wooden eggs in a egg carton. Age: 3 Years + Dimensions:…
  2. Fun Factory - Build - A - Picture
    Find the matching shapes to build the picture! Age: 3 years +…
  3. Fun Factory - Egg Shape Sorter In Case
    Support physical & cognitive development with this fun classic…
  4. Fun Factory - Wooden Balancing Acrobats
    The Wooden Balancing Acrobats 10 piece set from Fun Factory can be…
  5. Fun Factory - Wooden My First Calendar with Magnets
    Hanging My First Calendar! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: L 46 x W 37 x D…
  6. Fun Factory Dress Up Girl
    What are you going to wear today? This compact dress up girl activity…
  7. Fun Factory Magnetic Fishing Game
    Who can catch the most fish? This magnetic fishing game includes 20…
  8. Fun Factory Magnetic Shapes 42pc
    This beautifully manufactured Magnetic Shapes 42pc case is great for…
  9. Fun Factory Wooden 48pc Memory Flags of the World Game
    Expand your child's mind while also teaching them about 24 different…
  10. Fun Factory Wooden Maracas
    Who can resist these beautiful and colourful wooden Maracas! Boy's…
  11. Fun Factory - 16pc Tool Set
    Searching for a Tool Set that suits an older child? Age: 8 years +…
  12. Fun Factory - Build - A - Garden
    The Build - A - Garden set from Fun Factory is an exciting and…
  13. Fun Factory - Chess, Checkers and Backgammon Fold Up Set with Rules
    The 3 in 1 Game Set from Fun Factory includes Checkers, Chess, and…
  14. Fun Factory - Food Crate
    Crate of wooden food with knife. Food glorious food! Age: 3 years +…
  15. Fun Factory - Fruit Cutting Set
    Who would like to cut up the fruit for morning tea? Age: 3 years +…
  16. Fun Factory - Orient Toys 31 PC Wooden Tool Set
    Build your own wooden projects! Ages: 8 Years+ 
  17. Fun Factory - Picnic Food Box
    What's for lunch today! Age: 3 years + Dimensions: Wooden Picnic Food…
  18. Fun Factory - Pop-up Toy
    Push down the characters and watch them fly! Age: 1 Year +…
  19. Fun Factory - Race Car Drop
    The Race Car Drop is full of fun and excitement! Age: 3+ years
  20. Fun Factory - Snakes and Ladders
    Wooden Snakes and Ladders Game! Age: 3 Years+
  21. Fun Factory - Wooden Maracas with Safety Base
    Colourful Wooden Maracas! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: L 19.50 cm
  22. Fun Factory -- Wooden Egg Maracas
    Colourful Egg Maracas! Age: 3 Years + Dimensions: H 7 cm
  23. Fun Factory 37 pc Magnetic Numbers
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12!! As parents we look for different ways to…
  24. Fun Factory 52 pc Magnetic Alphabet
    A b C d E f G! As parents we look for different ways to teach their…
  25. Fun Factory Cuisenaire Rods 308pc
    A set of wooden cuisenaire rods beautifully contained in a wooden…
  26. Fun Factory Flower Press Ladybug
    Its time to explore the garden and look for gorgeous flowers to press…
  27. Fun Factory Fruit Crate With Knife
    This beautifully presented wooden crate with fruit and Knife is…
  28. Fun Factory Stripe Maracas
    Who can resist these beautiful Stripe Maracas! Boy's and Girls will…
  29. Fun Factory Wooden Peg and Stack
    This great wooden stacking board encourages your child to recognise…
  30. Fun Factory Wooden Traffic Signs
    Bring the road to life in your home with these fantastic traffic…
  31. Fun Factory Wooden Train Whistle
    Bring your child's imagination to life with this great wooden train…
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