Shop Address: Shop 3, 631 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park, Brisbane

Wooden Toys for Role Play

Do you ever sit back, listen and watch your children role-play? We do and it’s hilarious and interesting to watch. As parents we often share a quiet smile with each other so as to not interrupt their focus. They can be so engrossed in the role play that the time flies by. We often have parents ask us about purchasing toys aligned to their field of work so that their children can understand and pretend to be like their parents. Popular favourites are wooden fire stations and fire engines, ambulance and ambulance station, police vehicles and of course the wooden construction toys. The Hape Market Stall and the new Everearth Wooden Organic Fruit and Veg Cart bring imagination to life. Your child will love setting up their own shop and Mummy and Daddy coming to make a purchase. Cash or Credit? The Hape shopping cart is a great addition to complete the experience. We also have a comprehensive range of kitchen and food wooden toys with products from Le Toy Van, Voila, Hape and I’m Toy. Our favourites include the Le Toy Van Honeybake mixer set and breakfast tray, the Hape Gourmet Grill and Sevi Portable Cooker.